Protect the Freedom to Hunt


Lawmakers in California are trying to pass legislation to create a new tax on firearms and ammunition that will directly impact sportsmen and women…and we have just over a week to stop it.


California Assembly Bill 1223, introduced by Assemblymember Levine, would impose a new excise tax of 10% of the sales price of a handgun and 11% of the sales price of a long gun, rifle, firearm precursor part, and ammunition sold in this state.


This bill will raise costs associated with hunting and recreational target shooting and does nothing to significantly reduce crime as portrayed by the bill sponsor.


Sportsmen and women in California already pay both sales and excise taxes when purchasing firearms and ammunition. In fact, since 1937, hunters have contributed billions of dollars to state level wildlife conservation efforts across the country through excises taxes levied through the Pittman-Robertson Act. This bill would unjustly impose more taxes without contributing to conservation.


California lawmakers need to hear from you. Click the link below to oppose this legislation.

The new taxes would be earmarked for the “California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program” (CalVIP). Taxing non-violent, law abiding sportsmen and women to fund crime prevention programs that are intended to benefit all of society in general is highly inappropriate. This money should come out of the California general fund.


Legislation introduced in the Assembly must pass the Assembly no later than June 4th to remain active this year.


Click the link above and urge your California Assembly Members to OPPOSE AB1223.

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