With the support of 200 Chapters, 52,000 members in 103 countries worldwide, SCI is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.

The Leader in Protecting the Freedom to Hunt and in Promoting Wildlife Conservation Worldwide.

It is the place in Orange County to participate with other like minded hunters in sharing experiences, fellowship and hunting and travel knowledge. We are also very active in furthering the cause of hunters and sustainable wildlife conservation.

Conservation Projects:

  • Bank and levee restoration projects at the Salton Sea Federal Wildlife Refuge
  • Planting of channel support vegetation at the San Jacinto Wildlife Refuge
  • Restoration and maintenance of guzzlers in quail, chukar and California Big Horn Sheep habitat in the Mojave National Preserve
  • California Big Horn Sheep survey for the California Department of Fish and Game

Community Projects:

  • Construction of a wildlife viewing platform at the San Jacinto Wildlife Refuge
  • Financial support for a study of the California Fringtoed Lizard
  • Financial support of a California Department of Fish and Game mountain lion/deer predation survey
  • Construction of a duck blind for disabled hunters at the Salton Sea Federal Wildlife Refuge
  • Cleaning and refurbishing of a local bird rescue facility
  • Yearly donations of hundreds of pounds of fish and game meat to local rescue missions through our Sportsmen Against Hunger program

Family Programs:

  • Our Mobile Sensory Safari van that visits public schools, schools for the blind and community events
  • Support of the American Wilderness Leadership School run by Safari Club International at Jackson Hole, Wy.
  • Youth Outdoor Safari Day where children and there parents can experience all aspects of the hunting, shooting, fishing and outdoor life
  • Support of the S.C.I.-Apprentice Hunter program that sends young hunters on big game hunts
  • A family oriented hunt that includes parents and youngsters who donate all meat harvested to the Sportsmen Against Hunger program
  • Safari In A Box that is used by teachers and Forest Service personnel to introduce children to hands on animal education

Species Affected By Our Chapter Projects Include:

  • All local and migrating waterfowl, upland birds like quail, chukar, dove and pheasant.
  • Local fish, amphibians and lizards
  • Deer, cougars and Big Horn sheep
  • All local wildlife that benefit from water and habitat restoration

Other Organizations Involved in Some of Our Projects:

  • Calif. Dept. of Fish and Game
  • The Sierra Club
  • The Foundation for North American Sheep
  • Local bird rescue groups
  • Federal Wildlife Refuge personnel
  • United States Fish and Wildlife personnel

Funds and Efforts by the Chapter:

The efforts, both financial and physical, listed below support our mission statement of “protecting the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.”

Community projects:

  • The American Wilderness Leadership School
  • Youth Safari Day
  • Apprentice Hunter Program
  • Safari In A Box
  • The Mobile Sensory Safari Van

Social Activities for the Chapter:

  • Holiday Parties
  • Past-presidents programs like:
  • Trophy room tours
  • Day at the races
  • Club pheasant hunts
  • Club site-in and shooting competitions
  • Annual fundraiser banquet